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Steelseries Steelpad QcK heavy mouse pad review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul "Ex1le" Caillouet   
Steelseries Steelpad QcK heavy professional gaming mouse pad review

  • Product: Steelseries Steelpad QcK heavy gaming mouse pad
  • Company: Steelseries


    The market for high quality gaming mouse pads has exploded the last few years. These days you can get a mouse surface made from plastic, glass, aluminum,and myriad other materials. Today we are looking at a mouse pad made of simple cloth that dares to compete against these more exotic wares.

    The Package

    The Pad arrived in typical cardboard and plastic packaging. The Steelpad QcK is a standard cloth mouse pad with a tight weave and quality construction. The box contained the mouse pad and a small pamphlet advertising some of Steel series other products.

    The QcK in it's box

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    The Look

    This pad is one of the larger on the market, though far from the biggest. It is made of black cloth laid on a rubber backing with the Steelpad QcK Emblem in the left bottom corner.

    The Steelpad Emblem

    The Feel

    This pad has a relatively generic feeling to it, it is your standard cloth mouse pad (although large) on top of a thick soft rubber backing. It is smooth and heavy and works well; however, I prefer a slightly larger mouse pad than this. I enjoyed the weight of the pad and never had a problem with it moving around while I was using it.

    The Steelpad Qck is large, though far from the largest


    This is a good mouse pad for gamers who enjoy playing with a low sensitivity as well as artists who make extensive use of Photoshop at zoomed resolutions. It has plenty of space and will stick to any surface it’s placed on. This pad works well and I have no problem recommending it to those that are looking for a new mouse pad or perhaps something larger than what they have.

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