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Sunbeamtech LANparty Bag Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Buk   
Sunbeamtech LANparty Bag Review

  • Product: Sunbeamtech LANparty Bag LAB-BA (Black)
  • Company: Sunbeamtech


Toting your computer to a LAN party is always the least enjoyable part of the LAN experience. The case can be unwieldy and keeping up with your mouse and other peripherals can be a pain. In the past I used an Antec carrying harness to transport my machine to the LANs I attend each year but I decided it was time for an upgrade. I found the Sunbeamtech LANparty Bag for $12.99 + shipping and decided for that price I would give it a try.
The LANparty Bag comes in either black or red with red being designated as LAB-R and black is LAB-BA. I ordered the black bag.

First Impressions

The unboxed LANparty Bag

When I first pulled the LANparty Bag out of the box I was struck by it's weight, it is a lot heavier then you would expect for something made out of nylon. I discovered that all the nylon panels on the LANparty bag are padded (something you can't tell from pictures of it). This adds quite a bit of protection to your PC and was a welcomed find. The only thing that seemed to be missing was instructions on how to assemble the LANparty Bag.

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Build Quality

The LANparty Bag comes in three pieces

As I already stated the LANparty bag is nicely padded to protect your PC but what about the rest of it? The LANparty bag features three pockets to hold your gaming accouterments including a large pocket for the keyboard, all of these pockets are also padded to protect their contents. The pockets are held shut with hook and loop fastener. The carry handle appears to be sewn on securely and has a rubber grip to prevent slips while carrying the bag. The buckles that secure your PC in the LANparty Bag are black plastic that seem adequate for the job. The clips and rings that support the shoulder strap are metal and are strong enough to inspire confidence. The included shoulder strap has two removable pads to cushion you if you want to wear the bag as a backpack.The only ornamentation on the LANparty Bag is a Sunbeam logo in the keyboard pocket and both of the shoulder strap pads which gives it a nice utilitarian look.

My Logitech G15 didn't fit in the keyboard pocket. So if you have an over sized keyboard you may be out of luck but any standard sized keyboard should fit.

I am very impressed with the quality of workmanship on the LANparty Bag. It reminds me of the harnesses I used to trust my life to when I rappelled.

Installing and Using the LANparty Bag

To install the LANparty bag on your PC you spread the bottom part out on a flat surface.

Spread the bottom section out

You set your PC in the middle of the bag.

Set your PC in the middle

You drape the top of the LANparty Bag over the top of your PC.

Place the top of the bag over your PC

Fasten the six plastic buckles together

Fasten all the buckles

After attaching the shoulder strap you are done!

Ready to go!


I am impressed with the quality and workmanship of the Sunbeamtech LANparty Bag. It fulfills its purpose of transporting and protecting your PC to and from LAN parties admirably. I have seen all sorts of bags and harnesses for PC conveyance over the years and the LANparty Bag is one of the best.

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