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Medal of Honor Airborne Demo Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Buk   
Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo review

  • Publisher: EA
  • Demo size: 1.2 GB
  • Game release date: September 2007


The Medal of Honor: Airborne is the 11th in the MoH series from EA (the 5th on the PC platform) and was delayed for a year after a change to the Unreal 3 engine from the Renderware engine. The demo covers the "Operation Husky" section of the game and your job is to destroy several anti-aircraft guns and then join up with reinforcements.

The Briefing

You start out with a briefing on your mission that explains the mission objectives and gives you some advice on how to accomplish them. At the end of the briefing they point out your safe landing zones are marked with green smoke.

Briefing (click to enlarge)

After your briefing you are presented with a loadout screen where you can pick your weapons.

Selecting your loadout after the briefing


The action in MoA:A centers on airborne operations which means you have the freedom after you jump to steer your parachute anywhere you can. This makes the game different from the other more linear Medal of Honor titles. After you parachute into the action your landing is judged and if you have a "botched" landing you are vulnerable for several seconds while you recover.

Parachuting into combat

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After you have parachuted into the town of Adanti the fun really begins. The map is dark and cluttered with curvy streets with overhanging balconies . There is lots of cover for you (or the enemy) to use, that coupled with the noise and chaos of combat all around you really lends itself to immersion in the game. I thought the level of detail was impressive.

In Combat

The AI

I found the AI of the enemy better then average with enemy soldiers mostly seeking out cover and ducking when they reload. When you look around it does seem like there are things going on that your aren't involved in like a firefight on a corner or down a street you don't need to navigate. However the story won't go forward without your participation.


MoH:A is a very pretty game. While you expect better graphics in a newer game EA did a better job then I would expect on a game that has been in development since 2004. The game looked awesome on my 7800GT and I was impressed.


I would say that Medal of Honor: Airborne is a game to look for when it comes out. If the multi player is as enjoyable as the single player it will be a great game to play and I expect to see it at LAN Parties.

More Pictures

Iron Sights

Objective Achieved

Leveling up?

The town of Adanti. I was supposed to land on the green smoke

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